Review by The Carmel Pine Cone

April 28, 2000

And while you’re in the harbor area, check out the brand new restaurant on the Coast Guard pier that opened April 12: Massaro & Santos on the Pier. This is where Bradley’s, and then Bijon held forth previously. Frank Massaro was an owner of the Monterey Fish House on Del Monte for some five years, but left last June to hook up with partner Oliver Santos, who opened the Salinas Valley Fish House as an equity owner, and then sold out Massaro and Santos have been working on their concept since September. Love the concept: “Italian California with an oriental flair;” according to Massaro, who is cooking in the kitchen with Chef Martine Velasquez, passing on secrets, of his very own marinara sauce. Velasquez was sous chef at Roy’s at Spanish Bay. Right now the restaurant is open for lunch only, but come May 15, when their liquor license is expected to come through, they’ll be open for dinner, too. Not just fish, but steaks, pasta, salads, appetizers, crab ravioli - a full service menu. A.L. (after license), both Frank and Oliver will work the front of the house. For now, hours are 11:30 am to 2:30 pm daily; after May 15 dinner hours will be 5:30 to 9:30 nightly. Call (831) 649-6700.

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